New Folder Virus Removal Tool

New Folder Virus Removal Tool 1.0

Safely removes EXE files containing viruses
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Security Stronghold

Monitor and prevent the creation and work of EXE files containing malware. The utility scans the system and checks if executable files with the same name as the root folder are being created, then accesses the registry and folder options, and if they are affected, automatically removes the files.

Security Stronghold security team has developed Newfolder.exe Virus removal.
An ".exe" file is being created with the same name as the folder itself in all drivers and cannot be deleted?
Your task manager, folder option are disabled, you "can not open the registry" because "it has been disabled by your administrator", your pen drive is infected and the system running too slow?
And you do not know how to remove NewFolder.exe because it recreates itself everytime you delete it.
Get rid of it

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